Our 2016 Goals

CCST Goals 2016

  • Continue to champion government that is transparent good governance, conversely challenge bad and non transparent government.

  • Continue Litigation on the proposed hydraulic fracturing in St. Tammany in defending our rights to self governance.

  • Increase membership and revenue.

  • Continue our Parish wide efforts to expose unethical and/or corrupted elected officials.

  • Build upon our relationships and fast track information process with all law enforcement agencies.

  • Continue our efforts to insure good zoning practices through-out the Parish.

  • Continue our Outreach approach to other organizations when our missions our parallel.

  • Continue to educate the public on various issues that St. Tammany is faced.

  • CCST to develop a platform on tax and budgetary reform as a subset of our overall goal of “good governance” and “good Stewardship”.

  • Push for an ordinance our Council “rule” requiring them to recuse themselves from voting on any measure regarding any other agency/organization they are part of.

  • Educate the public of the importance of Public Records, while holding the agencies accountable for record production.