Past Projects

Waste Transfer Station – Lacombe / After 1 ½ years of litigation and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars the Concerned Citizens prevailed in the 22nd Judiciary by ruling that the an I-2 zoning was unconstitutional and that the Director of Planning was both “arbitrary and capricious” in its interpretation. The LA Supreme Court ultimately supported the decision by the 22nd JDC.

Cypress Bayou – The Parish during the process of building a retention pond north of Briar Lake subdivision, had not inspected or enforced environmental standards to protect Cypress Bayou. The end result the contractor of record was purposely by-passing the filtration system for expediency in construction. CCST exposed the deficiencies and lack of oversight and soon the project was stopped until the proper engineering protection systems were in place to protect Cypress Bayou.

COAST – CCST helped expose the deficiencies of COAST in maintaining the senior centers in St Tammany Parish. Two years later by continuing to exert pressure for management change, the President of COAST is forced to resign.

CCST undertakes the largest recall effort in the history of Louisiana for the embattled St Tammany Parish Coroner Peter Galvan. In 4 ½ months before the indictment of Dr. Galvan, CCST acquires over 30,000 signatures. This number is greater than what got any politician elected into office in St. Tammany Parish.

CCST partnered with Terry & Dr. Laura King to help bring down a corrupt politician, former St Tammany Parish Coroner Peter Galvan, who now is serving time in prison.

CCST leads the effort for an Inspector General Office in St. Tammany Parish. Due to the tremendous pressure put on by CCST, Senator Crowe established an Inspector General Task Force. The results of the task force efforts are still yet to be determined.

CCST pushes for the LLA to go into Pearl River because of questionable practices reported in the news by Ashley Rodrigue of wwltv channel 4. The report released after 6 months by the LLA is damaging and supported the concerns by CCST.

Mayor of Pearl River gets indicted.

CCST has speared headed the citizen effort to stop hydraulic fracturing in St. Tammany Parish.

Successfully brought 2 Temporary Restraining Orders against the Army Corp. Of Engineers & LDEQ, in the Fracking litigation.

CCST files a petition to Intervene in Parish Lawsuit at the 19th JDC to defend our zoning laws.

Have helped in the effort of 16 on-going official investigations of possible corruption in St. Tammany Parish.

CCST helps in providing information that ultimately resulted in the indictment of former DA Walter Reed.

CCST provided information to the District Attorney, Warren Montgomery that helps FD-12 re-organize and move forward.

CCST undertook a major relief effort in helping flood victims from the bad unprecedented heavy rains that polarized St. Tammany Parish for days. Opening two relief depots and shipping donated goods through-out the Parish.